The year is 2949. The Dignitary Division is under the iron grip of the Chancellor, a power-hungry dictator who rose to prominence while the UEE was distracted fighting two fronts against the Xenothreat and the Nine-Tails incursion of Orison. The Chancellor is suspected of corruption by embezzling his people’s money and funnelling it into his secret projects. He has also created a puppet military arm, the Dignitary Defence Force (DDF), to protect himself from his own people and any external threats.

However, not everyone is willing to bow down to the Chancellor’s tyranny. A group of brave citizens have formed an underground rebellion, calling themselves the Delamar Corporation (DC). They are determined to expose The Chancellor’s crimes and restore democracy and freedom to their world. They have also allied themselves with a breakaway group of like-minded freedom fighters from other systems, who share their vision of a free and peaceful galaxy.

The DC operates from a hidden base in the Nyx System, where they plan their attacks and sabotage missions under the black flag, against the DDF. They also have a network of informants and sympathizers within the Dignitary Division, who provide them with intel and resources. The DC is led by a democratic body, known as “The Council”, who believe in equality and justice for all. The Council consists of representatives from different factions and backgrounds, who vote on major decisions and strategies.

The DC’s main goal is to take down The Chancellor and overthrow his regime. They have been waiting for the right opportunity to strike, and they believe that it has finally arrived. The Chancellor is to inspect their new base at Weeping Cove, which he claims will be the safe meeting place of the Dignitary Division. The DC knows that this is a lie and is just a front to further his tools of oppression.

The DC is devising plans to free the TDD. They have also prepared a broadcast message that will be hidden in the Spectrum throughout all of Stanton’s comms arrays to reveal the Chancellor’s true nature and rally his own people to join their cause. The DC hopes that this will be the final blow that will end his reign of terror and usher in a new era of freedom for the Dignitary Division and the Stanton system.

The DC is not alone in their struggle against The Chancellor. They have also found a loyal ally in the Brothers of Stanton, a group of former mercenaries who have dedicated themselves to protecting the people of the Stanton system from the DDF and other threats. The Brothers of Stanton operates from a hidden base, where they have amassed a formidable fleet of ships and weapons. They have also established a secret network of contacts and informants within the Dignitary Division, who provide them with valuable intel and support.

The Brothers of Stanton share the DC’s vision of a free and peaceful galaxy, where the people have a say in their own destiny. They have pledged to join forces with the DC in their final assault on the Chancellor and his DDF. Together, they hope to liberate the Dignitary Division and the Stanton system from his tyranny and restore the rightful rule of the UEE.

The day of reckoning had finally arrived. The Delamar Corporation covert ops group, launched their attack on The Chancellor and his DDF, who were gathered at their new safe haven at Weeping Cove. The DC infiltrated the site with a team of elite operatives, who lay in wait after bypassing the military patrols.

The Chancellor was sipping cocktails in his luxury 890 Jump yacht in the protected bay, when the DC sniper called in a precision strike. The Chancellor's ship was hit by multiple torpedoes, and exploded in a brilliant flash of light. The Chancellor was no more. The 890 Jump yacht was engulfed in flames and sank, the Chancellor's lies and crimes were exposed to the those in the Dignitary Division who could hopefully spread the message. The people were shocked and outraged, and many of them joined the DC in their uprising.

The DC and the Brothers of Stanton celebrated their victory, as they had finally freed the Dignitary Division and the Stanton system from the Chancellor's tyranny. They also contacted the UEE, who had been monitoring the situation, and requested their assistance in restoring order and democracy. The UEE agreed, and sent a delegation of diplomats and peacekeepers to the Dignitary Division.

The DC and the Brothers of Stanton were hailed as heroes by the people, and those involved were awarded with medals and honors by the DC.

The Delamar Corporation vowed to move on and go about their business free from the yoke of the now toothless dictator. Paying little mind or memory to that defeated tyrant.

We will remain vigilant and we will remain free.

Death Of A Dictator