Delamar Corporation Charter

11. We are generally an invite only organisation for mature minded, avid backers of the game. Generally, our recruitment is via invitation only, however we are happy for non-referred members of the Star Citizen community to apply. Our membership is subject to a probationary period of one month. This gives our members time to get to know you and for you to get to know all of us. During your probationary period your membership may be terminated if we believe you are not a good fit for our organisation.

2. It is a requirement of our organization that all our members have a working microphone and join our discord group. Full membership of our organisation is based on member referrals, your application, and a vote of the governing corporate council.

3. We have a zero tolerance for any form of discriminatory or defamatory comments.

4. Cursing is acceptable so long as it is not done in a demeaning or derogatory way.

5. This ORG is operated by a council of members. This council must vote to accept or reject an applicant. Decisions are made via majority consensus. Appointment to the council requires a current council member to sponsor you. It’s based on merit and time in the org.

6. The channel moderators / Admins are there to assist members and to ensure a safe and happy experience. Please listen to any of their instructions / directions. They have the ability to time out or ban individuals who break our rules.

7. Keep CAPS messages to the minimum, be mature and respect other members.

8. Do not openly recruit for other servers / Orgs here but we welcome cross play with other orgs, and we encourage our members to participate in as many organisations as they like. If you have an org you wish to promote, let one of the admins know and the council will vote to place it in our friendly org list.

9.Be respectful to other members. Everyone is entitled to an opinion; however, we are not here to debate politics, religion or world affairs. We are here to enjoy Star Citizen.

10.You are not permitted to Pirate / take hostile action against fellow org members unless its consensual PVP.

11. We are a fully inclusive ORG, all abilities are welcome. If anyone requires assistance, please reach out to one of the council members.

12. Please Donate AUEC to the org bank so that other players might benefit from your success.

13. Be kind to new players and please offer to help. We are new player friendly and it is everyone’s responsibility to help new players get their footing in the verse.

14. Discussion re the "Grey Market" is allowed but only in the Black Market Channel. We do not facilitate or endorse "Grey Market" Trading.

15. Self-promotion, including advertising, asking for upvotes, inviting people into your Discord server and so on is not allowed. You can share content you create in the Corp Scrapbook category, but strictly NO Twitch links, Streams, or Discord integration apps within our channels.