Forging the Resistance

Pioneering the Frontier

Our Corporate Services


Utilize our advanced technology and expertise to extract valuable resources from celestial bodies.


Recover and repurpose derelict spacecraft and space debris to reduce space clutter.


Reliable and efficient transportation of personnel and cargo within the Stanton system.

Bounty Hunting

Servicing Mirotech, ArcCorp, Hurston & the Crusader systems our dedicated team of bounty hunters guarantee apprehension.

Medical Rescue

We are dedicated to providing end-to-end medical and evacuation solutions and bring together the skills of our rescue and combat teams.


Using the very latest in cutting edge military hardware and combat tested our military contractors ensure your contract is completed as efficiently as possible.

Client Testimonials

The Delamar Corporation has been instrumental in our Quantanium mining operations, providing a fleet of top-notch equipment and skilled personnel.

We were amazed by the expertise and efficiency of The Delamar Corporation's salvage team. Their fleet of Reclaimers, Vultures and SRV's get even the biggest job done.

The transport services provided by The Delamar Corporation are unmatched in the Stanton System. They have always delivered our cargo on time and with care. We don't even worry about pirates any more!

We are grateful for The Delamar Corporation's medical division, which has provided excellent healthcare services to our security contractors.

The Delamar Corporation is a UEE System wide company, specializing in mining, salvage, transport, security, and medical services. We are committed to exploring the vast potential of space.